Khu trung vai trung phong thị xã Tam Đảo, huyện Tam Đảo, tỉnh Vĩnh Phúc, Tam Ðảo, Vietnam View on map (298 m from centre)





Hotel Khách sạn Báo Nhân Dân is situated on Khu trung chổ chính giữa thị xã Tam Đảo, thị trấn Tam Đảo, tỉnh giấc Vĩnh Phúc in Tam Ðảo in 298 m from the centre.

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Khách sạn Báo Nhân Dân mô tả tìm kiếm of services & features

There is a 24/7 front desk where the polite staff will be delighted to help you with any inquiries regarding your accommodation. Free access lớn the Internet is provided. There is a garden next lớn the hotel. You can enjoy a delicious meal & rest at the restaurant. If you can"t imagine your life without your pet, don"t worry - pets are allowed, just make sure you discuss the details with the administration. There is a parking lot for car owners. Guests can order food and drinks directly to lớn their rooms. There are family rooms provided which are equipped with everything necessary for staying with kids. Pay attention that payment for the accommodation & amenities is possible only in cash.

Accommodation staff is fluent in Vietnamese, English.

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A few words about accommodation

For the best accommodation, guests can choose one of the 2 rooms in the hotel. Guests can choose from different types of rooms: double, single. Lodgers at the khách sạn have sầu facilities such as air conditioning, spa làm đẹp bath, không tính tiền toiletries, flat-screen tv, terrace.

Here is a lot of rooms with view.

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