Khách sạn cao nguyên sapa

Sapa Highland Resort và Spa nestled on a unique independent hill that gives the advantage of panoramic views of Hoang Lien Son mountains range. Sapa Highlvà Resort & Spage authority is suited for families, corporate tie ups, tourists & all kinds of travelers, nestled within short walking distance khổng lồ center of Sapage authority town – giving you a calm và lively vibe at the same time. Resort style is believed to bring the balance and peace. With local materials such as complement the resort’s Sapa setting perfectly. Interior thiết kế in all rooms, simple as well as exciting, they are characterized by the natural hues of wood & furnishings dressed in nature-catching colors.

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City center location
At Four Season Restaurant, we serve both residents & non-residents can enjoy a delicious meal with great food and excellent service in a pleasant environment, all at a reasonable price. We currently offer promotion daily for lunch & dinner

Highland Restaurant

Located in the second floor of the Sapage authority Highl& Resort & Spage authority, with warm và cozy atmosphere offers you a Buffet Breakfast and wide range of Asian và Westen dishes for lunch & dinner.

Massage và Spa

Indulge in total relaxation at the renowned Highland Spage authority. Allow healing hands lớn relieve your bao tay with soothing scent-filled oils. Renew & refresh your skin with herbal steam bath. Revered easten và western mas sa techniques, combined with a coconut oil blover. Stimulate the circulation, promote deep relaxation and restore energy flow for supreme well-being

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At Sa Pa Highl& Resort we offer you a wide range of tours & activities that match your preferences & timetable. Sapa and surrounds is a beautiful set of nature and cultures highlighted by colourful hill tribes living in sublime landscapes combining jungle, terraced rice paddies và highlands, all found off the beaten traông xã.