Khách Sạn Daewoo Hà Nội

Hanoi Daewoo Hotel has been at the forefront of upscale hospitality in the nation’s capital since 1996. Inhabiting a prestigious neighborhood amid embassies và parks, Hanoi Daewoo has been the khách sạn of choice for visiting dignitaries & heads of state for more than two decades.

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Sumptuously decorated in a timelessly classic style, Hanoi Daewoo Hotel continues its legacy of legendary hospitality, welcoming discerning business and leisure travelers from around the world. With state-of-the-art MICE facilities và elegant function spaces, Hanoi Daewoo is also the preferred venue in Hanoi for weddings, conferences & international events.

Offering effortless access lớn the city’s major business và tourist landmarks, Hanoi Daewoo enjoys a scenic location adjacent khổng lồ Thủ Lệ Lake – the ideal address for any Hanoi trip. With our well-appointed guest rooms, an indulgent spa làm đẹp and picturesque gardens with the largest swimming pool in the đô thị, Hanoi Daewoo Hotel promises an exceptional experience, no matter the purpose of your stay.

Surrounded by lush green spaces and wide, tree-lined boulevards, Hanoi Daewoo Hotel provides a quiet escape in the thành phố center. Easily accessible from Noi Bai International Airport & cthảm bại lớn major roadways that links lớn all parts of the đô thị, our neighborhood is in a convenient position both for conducting business & for seeing Hanoi’s sights.

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In the area around the khách sạn, you’ll find Kyên ổn Ma Street, with its colorful shop houses và towering trees. Just behind the hotel there’s the peaceful Thu Le Park, a popular attraction for local families. Visitors of all ages can enjoy paddling swan boats on the lake, wandering through the gardens và visiting the park’s zoo.


Promotions and Offers

Make The Most of Our Attractive sầu Packages

Here you will find Hanoi Daewoo Hotel"s best promotions from accommodations & dining khổng lồ banquets and wedding . Book early before offers expire!


Hassle Free PackageYour journey in Hanoi should be as relaxing as possible, from the moment you book your room to lớn long after you arrive at the khách sạn. Let us take care of your travel needs with the exclusive sầu Hassle-Free Package.


Advance PurchaseIt’s time khổng lồ plan your next stay to be rewarded with up to lớn 30% off when you book 07 days in advance và up to lớn 33% off when you book 14 days in advance.


Luxury Accommodation

Elegantly Stylish, Light-filled Rooms

Hanoi Daewoo Hotel provides 411 ample và luminous rooms, all decorated in warm colors with superior quality wooden furniture. They are equipped with a full range of facilities và exclusive services to ensure that our guests enjoy an unforgettably pleasant stay. The greatest care has been taken of even the tiniest details lớn guarantee that your stay in Hanoi is a truly exceptional experience.