Khách sạn hòn chồng nha trang

Phường Vĩnh Hải, Thành Phố Nha Trang 30-32 con đường Hòn Chồng, Nha Trang, Vietnam View on bản đồ (4.7 km from centre)





Economy khách sạn Khách Sạn Hòn Chồng is situated in Phường Vĩnh Hải, TP Nha Trang 30-32 con đường Hòn Chồng in Nha Trang just in 4.7 km from the centre.

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Why travellers lượt thích Khách Sạn Hòn Chồng

The hotel is situated next lớn the beach. There is a chance to try your hvà at diving nearby and explore the underwater world. There is a parking lot provided for those who travel by oto. The front desk works round the clochồng. On advance inquiry, shuttle from/to lớn the airport is organized for the guests. Free access khổng lồ the Internet is provided. There are non-smoking rooms provided. If bored, you can always play several games of table tennis. The residents can use the service of food and drinks delivery in their rooms. Please be advised only cash is accepted for payment.

Accommodation staff talk in Vietnamese, English.

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A few words about accommodation

For the best accommodation, tourists can choose one of the 2 rooms in the economy khách sạn. Tourists can choose between different types of rooms: double, twin/double. Each guestroom features amenities such as air conditioning, hairdryer, refrigerator, không tính phí toiletries, clothes rachồng.

For your total relaxation is provided soundproofing. Here is a lot of rooms with sea view, landmark view, đô thị look.

Book Khách Sạn Hòn Chồng online

Our trang web offers booking Economy hotel Khách Sạn Hòn Chồng at a profit. Make sure you check the availability of the vacant room on the required dates và fill in the application khung offered on Planet of Hotels" service.