Come to Oasis Hanoi Hotel, you will experience the unique design with dynamic style, modern class, shown in every detail ...

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Do you enjoy sipping a cocktail in a luxury bar or a hot cappuccino beside the khách sạn window? Whatever you choose, make yourself feel most comfortable,

Massage service at OASIS HANOI HOTELis one of the most reliable and prestigious locations in Hanoi. We have sầu more than 40 sauna mát xa rooms with large

Located at the 3 floor , the banquet room can accommodate up to lớn 300 -500 people with large partition allows the hall to lớn be divided into the multiple room.

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European-Asian restaurant located on the first floor of the OASIS HANOI HOTELis sure to be a memorable place in your các mục of culinary addresses
Japanese restaurant is where you can enjoy snacks, delicious drinks in the melodious music or enjoy a cup of afternoon tea. In here, when you come

Suite Room

The high unique và kích cỡ up to 45 mét vuông, more spacious than most hotels in Hanoi, as well as conveniences will help you immerse yourself in the wonderful combination of room architecture. Suite Room has a large design including modern space, wide writing desk with luxury, elegant & high class furniture rooms/13/suite-room

Executive sầu room

Executive sầu room is the perfect combination of work and relaxation. The kích cỡ of the room is large with private space for each need of customer. The room invested carefully và equipped with high chất lượng facilities in 35mét vuông area will give sầu customer a comfortable space. rooms/11/executive-room

Deluxe room

Deluxe pháo room with kích cỡ of 30 m2 is elegantly, natural friendly designed & make use of outer light to bring the cozy and fresh felling for the entire room. All rooms of Oasis is fully equipped lớn meet every needs of customer. rooms/10/deluxe-room

Superior Room

Designed with modern architecture khổng lồ offer visitors the best comfort. This room is designed so that from windows you can have sầu a panoramic view of the đô thị. Every morning when you wake up , you will get lớn see this vibrant đô thị. rooms/14/superior-room

Standard room

Standard rooms are equipped with luxurious facilities create a cozy and comfortable atmosphere for you.With an elegant interior that gives a sense of modernity without losing the sophistication of modern architecture, when relax on the large bed and enjoy the fine interior in the room, you will feel great value that Oasis brings rooms/12/standard-room