Khách Sạn Thanh Hải 2 Nha Trang

Opened: 2013 The Thanh hao Hai 2 Hotel offers a pleasant stay in Nha Trang for those traveling for business or leisure. With Free in-room Wi-Fi available, you" have no problems keeping connected.Show More

Children are welcome at this hotel. Additional fees may be charged when a child stays at the khách sạn with parents or guardians, please confirm with the hotel.

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If a non-Vietnamese male guest is lớn stay in the same room as a Vietnamese female guest, a valid marriage certificate must be provided when checking in at the khách sạn. Otherwise, check-in may be refused.
The Tkhô cứng Hai 2 Hotel offers a pleasant stay in Nha Trang for those traveling for business or leisure. With Free in-room Wi-Fi available, you" have sầu no problems keeping connected. With Nha Trang Train Station just 6km away & Cam Ranh Airport only 41km away, transportation is very convenient. Seeing the sights from this khách sạn is easy with Nha Trang" attractions including Amiana Resort Spage authority and I Resort Spa cthất bại by. When guests have sầu some time on their hands they can make use of the onsite facilities.

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Prices at Tkhô hanh Hai 2 Hotel are subject lớn change according khổng lồ dates, khách sạn policy, & other factors. To view prices, please tìm kiếm for the dates you wish to lớn stay at the hotel.
Thanh hao Hai 2 Hotel is near the following attractions: Amiamãng cầu Resort Spa(Approximately 933m), Hon Chong Promontory(Approximately 1km), Vinh Luong Market(Approximately 1.2km).
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